Ways To Watch

Check out where to find the latest messages & more!

Watch on TheNaz.org

You can watch all sermons right here at TheNaz.org!

  • At 10:30am on Sunday's catch the service as it's released, just click on "Watch Live"!
  • After that just click on "Watch Online", we'll get the sermon posted early Monday morning.

Watch Live or Watch Later on Facebook

Get the weekend service right where you're at! Follow these steps to receive notifications to watch our 10:30 services live as it's being streamed in church!

  1. Go to "The Naz" Facebook Page on your Facebook page.
  2. Click the "Like" button.

To go the extra mile and make sure you get notified at 10:30am on Sundays:

3. Check your "Follow Settings" Under "More" and turn on "All Notifications" for "Live Videos".

Watch on Youtube

Check out our Youtube Channel & Subscribe so that our content comes straight to the top of your YouTube list.

Visit our Soundcloud if a podcast is more suitable for you!

Maybe you listen on your commute to work or as your at home mowing the lawn, an audio podcast is a great way to listen to the weekly message from church.