Men's Ministry

When a man leads, the family follows!

We believe in 3 things:

Leading at home

Leading at church

Leading in the community

When a man leads the family follows.

Men's Life Groups

Feeling stuck in your walk and not sure the next step. A life group might be just what you’re looking for. Life groups focus on three things. We build relationships with each other, we become more like Jesus through community, and teaching and discussion and we live missional lives as we invest in the community around us.

If you're interested in info on a life group or potentially leading one, Please contact

Men's ATV Trip

Are the winter blues dragging you down? With spring around the corner, it’s about that time for the annual men’s ATV trip. Come share your memories of the past and be prepared to make many more as we thrash through the great outdoors.

B.O.B. Banquet

For over 10 years the B.O.B. Sportsman Banquet has been a local hit around the church and beyond. As the years go by, the crowds get bigger. Some say it’s the exotic wild game meal, while others enjoy the variety of prizes; one thing for sure is that you will always have a good time and hear a powerful gospel message.

Men's Breakfast

We would like to invite all the men out for an all you can eat buffet breakfast. We will be having quarterly breakfast with a variety of speakers, touching on the subjects that men need and want to hear. These talks will be challenging enough for the seasoned Christian and yet relatable to the non church goer.

Men’s Softball

It doesn’t look like the Tigers are going to win much this year, but maybe a winning team is not out of the question. We have a variety of softball teams that are just for men. Whether you’re new to the game and are just looking to have fun or you have been playing competitively for years, there are leagues for everyone. Any questions please contact