Am I?

“Hi, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who is celebrating recovery from substance abuse and anger issues in my life, and my name is Don. I have been involved in recovery for about 23 years, and in actuality, I am recovering from what I call, the “triple-whammy”! I’m an Adult Child of an Alcoholic, co-dependent, and a substance abuser all wrapped up into one sick package! I learned at a very young age how alcohol would make me feel “good”, and how I could let loose without any inhibitions! I first got high on marijuana while in college…”

“I am Megan and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who has been renewed and transformed by grace, love and forgiveness, and I am celebrating recovery from abandonment, fear of rejection and emotional dysfunction. My story begins as a young child, at a time I cannot remember, but the effects it had on my life molded my thinking and beliefs about myself. This belief started when I was four years old and my mom and dad got divorced. I felt abandoned and that I was not worth sticking around for…”

“I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who celebrates victory over drug and alcohol addiction, physical & sexual abuse and out of control emotions, and am currently working through food addiction, my name is Lisa and this is my story. Within the last year, I began a journey to live a healthier lifestyle and shed some unwanted extra pounds. I chose to use the Celebrate Recovery format to help me work through it all and discovered that in that I have a serious food addiction…”

“Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a believer in Jesus Christ who has struggled with codependency, anger issues and sexual addictions. I am also an overcomer in Christ from the effects of sexual and domestic abuse. From the age of 5 to 9, I was sexually abused by a person outside of my immediate family. I believed that the abuse was my fault and that I was a bad person, so I kept silent. Again at the age of 10 years old, a person in my school began molesting me for the next year. This abuse was familiar to me and I believed that I was made to be used. I was afraid and blamed myself so I did not report it to anyone…”

“Good evening, my name is Patrick, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ celebrating recovery and victory over alcohol, sexual addiction and compulsive eating. I had a good childhood, my parents did the best they could, I got along well with my two brothers and my sister, we are all still very close today, something I know would make my parents proud. I am an addict; I can become addicted to anything and have been addicted to many things, including alcohol, sex, pornography, food and even exercise. So what did my mess look like? Pornography, sex addiction and fantasy came into my life during my teen years. Low self-esteem came into play here; I was not confident around my peers and that especially meant girls so pornography and fantasy came in to fill that void…”

“Greetings brothers and sisters at Celebrate Recovery I’m a very grateful believer/follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m celebrating victory over greed workaholism, poor self-esteem, approval seeking, (being co-dependent) and sexual integrity and my name is Jim. My ruin and destruction came home to me the day I received a phone call from one of my pharmacy stores that the US Postal inspectors were there with guns, badges and warrants. Then another call from another store, then another, then another… You see that we had this business practice of billing claims to blue cross that were not real to make up for claims that were legitimate but for some reason were not paid. I “rationalized” that Blue Cross owed me and I was simply getting what I was owed! What a fool I was…”