For more information on our Christmas Season or The Big Give

Christmas Schedule

December 5th - Christmas Concert 9am & 10:30am - Prelude music begins 20 minutes prior to concert

December 12th - Blended Service at 9am and Children's Christmas Program at 10:30am with ministry for 0-2years only

December 19th - Normal Services at 9am and 10:30am

December 24th - Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 4:00pm with Ministry for 0-2years only

December 26th - 10:30am service only

January 2nd - 10:30am service only

The Big Give

What is it?

We are very excited to announce our 2nd annual Christmas Concert here at The Naz. We want each person to enjoy themselves listening to the concert and singing along, but this concert is designed with an intentional purpose of raising money for three different mission opportunities.

When is it?

The Christmas Concert will be on Sunday, December 5th at 9am and 10:30am. A prelude of traditional Christmas music will begin 20 minutes prior to service. Children's Programs will be available during our 10:30am concert time.

Does it cost anything?

No, the concert doesn’t cost anything. We are asking each person to prayerfully consider giving a love offering to support one of these great causes as we show God’s love to local families in need, a local pastor, and help disabled children overcome their disabilities by giving them opportunities of education and treatment.

What your money will be supporting!

Your money will not be going to The Naz. Every penny raised will be going to support these great causes. Here are the details about each:

Local Mission

Christmas Giving Tree

We have some families and children within our church body who need some extra help during the Christmas season. We want to bless and love on these families by providing some gifts for them to open this Christmas season.

Regional Mission

Adopt a Pastor

There are many pastors on our district who pastor small Nazarene churches. Each year, we "adopt" a pastor to bless with a love offering to help their family out during the holiday season.

Global Mission

Mango Tree Centre

We have partnered with Mango Tree Centre in Tonga to help disabled children who need the hope of Jesus and additional services and treatment options.

About Mango Tree Centre

Tonga is a small country in the South Pacific. In Tonga, the parents of the disabled children believe the disabilities are punishments from God for the parents' sin; but to God, the disabled children in Tonga are "Hidden Treasures." To serve the hidden treasures, the Church of the Nazarene started the Mango Tree Centre ministry. By demonstrating the love of Jesus, the Mango Tree Centre for People with Disabilities serves the disabled children who are isolated by their community. The Centre also serves their families who are suffering under the shame and the guilt. To serve them, we provide a holistic and family-centered rehabilitation services like, Home Visit Care, Rehabilitative Therapy, Computer Class, a Braille Course, Mobility Aids, House Renovations, Annual Camp, and Sponsorship Programs for their families. Your donation will help disabled children overcome their disabilities by giving them opportunities of education and treatment. It will also give the families of the disabled children financial support and help them feel secure and have hope in God.

How do I Financially Give to Help?

It's simple! Select the “The Big Give” from the link below:


If you have questions in regards to the concert or supporting any of these great causes, please reach out to us at